News from HQ: Preparing for the Future with Club Officers

Welcome to the October 2022 edition of the highly acclaimed Club Connector Newsletter!

The general theme of this month's edition is around board and officer positions—what they are, how to elect them and, importantly, how to groom the next batch for a successful hand-off.

Question of the Month takes a deep dive into the differences, roles and responsibilities of board members, club officers and the rest of us...the members.  The article also provides definitions of the typical positions (and ideas for not-so-typical officer positions) and then makes some experienced-based suggestions to get your club leadership team humming.

Continuing the general theme of officers, elections and so on, with the help of two clubs, we look at how you can build a solid leadership team, and how you can engage and train members.  In Club Spotlight,  past and present Presidents with the TSS Flying Club tells us how they groom members for leadership positions, and in Aircraft Spotlight, the Vice President of Maintenance of the Flying Particles Flying Club, explains how involving members in maintenance of their growing fleet, lights the fires of interest and engagement.

In the Safety section, we look at "Aerospace Medicine and You" ...very timely as we get closer to runny-nose season.  As always, we provide our interpretation of the FAASTeam's Topic Of The Month slide deck, so club Safety Officers always have something interesting to discuss at monthly safety meetings.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Club Connector.  As always, drop us an email with any comments or suggestions: [email protected]

Reading Aero Club Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Steve Bateman traveled to Reading Pennsylvania to attend the Reading Aero Club’s 90th anniversary celebration and career fair. There he gave a presentation about the opportunities in aviation for young aviators. Congratulations RAC! Here’s to another 90 years of happy flying.

FedEx AOPA Foundation High School Aviation STEM Symposium Presented by Boeing

Are you a High School Teacher or administrator actively teaching or interested in our STEM Curriculum? Join us in Memphis, TN on November 13th – 15th for our annual symposium! For Flying Clubs, Drew will lead a breakout session discussing flying club opportunities for high school students. He will also discuss medical certifications and the flight training experience. Hope to see you there!

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