Manage Your Club

Club Management Tools

Keep your club schedule up to date and your books organized with an online club management tool. Some clubs get away with using a paper log and a calendar on the wall, if you’d like to use a more modern system, click the two links below to learn about a few of the more popular options available..

Part 1

Part 2

Get Your Name Out

A good social media presence can be vital to your club’s success in finding new members. We sat down with our own social media expert to get a few tips for your club’s social media presence.

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Safety in Numbers

If your club has a lot of pilots flying your aircraft, a strong safety culture is an absolute must. Click here to learn about how you can build a strong safety culture for your club from the ground up.

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Beyond the Honeymoon

Congratulations on forming your new club! Now what? Keeping the momentum going after your first year of operations is important. We’ll take a look at what is important to keep your club members engaged and happy long after the honeymoon phase.

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Planning for the Future

The best run flying clubs are often those that make a concerted effort to plan in a strategic manner—usually by holding recurrent strategic planning sessions dedicated to this task.  These sessions allow clubs to talk out and decide upon long-term goals, and to solicit ideas for the future.

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