Aviation Exploring

What is Aviation Exploring?

Aviation Exploring introduces young people to aviation careers. Aviation Exploring, part of Boy Scouts of America’s Learning for Life program, provides young men and women with opportunities to discover career and lifestyle possibilities that aviation offers. Through a wide range of aviation activities, including tours, guest speakers, hands-on activities, youth between the ages of 14 - 20 have an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of careers within aviation and network with professionals already working in those fields.

What is an Aviation Explorer Post?

An Aviation Explorer Post is a young adult organization for boys and girls that recruits members, elects officers, and plans programs based on the organization’s program inventory and other resources. Adult leaders provide training and guidance for the post’s elected student officers.

In what ways can I get involved?

There are nearly 100 Aviation Exploring Posts across the country.  You may choose to volunteer with an existing Aviation Exploring Post near you or start a new post in your area. All that is needed to get started is a meeting space and a small, dedicated group of volunteers who share your passion to help young people achieve their aviation dreams. 


Is it difficult to start an Aviation Exploring Post?

Aviation Exploring will connect you to a dedicated Exploring expert in your community to guide you through the process. To get started, contact Carlos Coronado, Director of Exploring at  972-580-7858 or [email protected]

Aviation Exploring provides ideas for meeting topics as well as a library of aviation-themed activities for your post. YOU decide the frequency of meetings and activities which can vary from weekly to monthly, all year long or just during the school year. YOU determine the curriculum and the type of activities that fit your Post.

If you are a school teacher who uses AOPA’s aviation curriculum, Aviation Exploring is a wonderful enhancement to your program.

Establishing an Aviation Exploring Post as part of school activities enriches the learning experience for your students by giving them hands-on experience with airplanes and familiarizes them with the operations at a real airport. Aviation Exploring is a great way to recruit more young people to your aviation classes.  Aviation Exploring augments your class work and makes aviation fun and exciting beyond the classroom.

If you are an AOPA member who wants to impact the future of aviation, volunteering in Aviation Exploring can help you do just that.

If there is not a local post nearby, you can start one through the assistance of a local expert.  If there is a post in your area, please consider volunteering as a post leader.  Posts frequently need speakers, field trip hosts, and chaperones for other events.  Contact Carlos Coronado or a local expert near you.

How to Start and Sustain a New Aviation Exploring Post

There are local Exploring offices with representatives to help you start a post at your school or in your community.  They can provide help with getting started as well as ongoing service and support once your post is established. 

First Steps

  • Secure a location for the Explorer Post to regularly meet.
  • Identify possible organizations or businesses that may want to participate in Post activities (e.g., a local flight school or flying club, an EAA Chapter, etc.).
  • Identify four to eight teachers or other adults to lead the post.
  • Set a date and location for the All-in-One Program Planning Meeting.

PhotographsProgram Planning Meeting

  • Set a date for an open house to recruit youth members to the Exploring Post. Refer to the Open House Planning Guide in the Exploring Guidebook to plan this first meeting.
  • Review a list of aviation activities for Explorers and plan the first three months of programming.
  • Complete required paperwork (Memorandum of Understanding, New Post/Club Application, Adult Applications, etc.).

Leader Training

  • Complete mandatory Youth Protection training and Exploring Leader training modules for each adult Exploring leader. This online training must be completed every two years.
  • Complete optional training to learn how to deliver a successful program.

Begin the Post

  • Promote the open house using marketing materials from the Exploring Brand Center.
  • Register new members during the open house.
  • Elect youth officers at the third post meeting.
  • Conduct meetings 2 - 4 times/month.
    • Frequency is flexible
    • Choose duration of meeting calendar (6 - 9 months is most common)

To find the local representative in your area, please contact Carlos Coronado, Director of Exploring at  972.580.7858 or [email protected].

Congratulations and thank you for your interest in starting an Aviation Exploring Post!

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