Glenn Ponas

Director, High School Outreach
Glenn is responsible for providing programmatic, management, and fiscal oversight of AOPA's High School initiative. He helps lead AOPA's effort to expand the adoption and implementation of the AOPA High School Aviation STEM Curriculum. Glenn has thirty-one years of experience as a secondary teacher, building and district level administrator, and curriculum development specialist with the Pittsburgh Public Schools. In 2002, he founded the Pittsburgh Gifted Center Aviation Program. Over the next 18 years, the Program introduced over 3,000 students to aviation, fostered over 900 EAA Young Eagles flights, and helped inspire 30 former students to become FAA certificated pilots. He is an FAA certificated private pilot and remote pilot. In 2005, Glenn co-founded and was named President and COO of Frameworks Information Technology, Inc., a web-based data visualization and GIS analysis company. He was also an educational data systems consultant for the Pennsylvania and US Departments of Education. Glenn is an avid homebrewer, husband to an amazing wife, and father to a golden retriever and a whippet. He lives in Northern Maryland in a house that George Washington slept in. Really.