latest collection of AOPA staff portraits

Erik Yates

Director, Curriculum Development
Erik is the Director of Curriculum Development for the High School Initiative at AOPA. Erik joins the You Can Fly team after 25 years in education as a STEM supervisor, technology curriculum coordinator, teacher trainer, and classroom teacher from elementary school through high school physics. As the Program Director for the Global Learning non-profit organization in New Jersey, Erik designed and delivered STEAM training for teachers. His week-long summer institutes offered teachers hands-on learning experiences in problem-based learning and the engineering design process. Erik has inspired his students with aviation-themed lessons while teaching in places as diverse as Tianjin, China; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; and Chatham, New Jersey. A 3,500-hour ATP certificated pilot, Erik earned his private pilot, CFII, and MEII credentials in high school and college before instructing full time and completing his master’s degree in Education. If Erik’s not zipping to the airport in his sidecar motorcycle to fly with one of his daughters, he’s probably drawing and laughing with his other daughter, or going on long walks with his wife and chocolate Lab.