News From HQ: Everyone Has a Type, Right?

Check out Flying Clubs Radio!

Steve and Drew hit the studio again and recorded a new edition of Flying Clubs Radio! In it, Steve explains how the hazardous attitudes that plague pilots can also negatively impact flying clubs too. If you haven’t listened to Flying Clubs Radio, spend some time listening to our other exciting editions that cover all topics flying clubs. We have several more recordings in the works, so be sure to check back soon!

Did You Have a Flight Training Experience This Year?

The AOPA Flight Training Experience Survey is open! If you have had any type of training from a CFI or flight school in the past year, we want to hear about it. Your voice matters! Learn more.

Scholarship Applications Open
The AOPA Foundation Scholarship Program offers many types of aviation scholarships for those passionate about aviation. From earning a primary certificate to career advancement to gaining additional ratings, we have scholarships to support nearly all aviation aspirations. Learn more.

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