News from HQ: The Long Haul

Welcome to the August edition of Club Connector! We hope you will find this month’s edition helpful as you plan that long cross country you have been yearning to fly since you got your pilot certificate. Be sure to read our Question of the Month to learn all about Steve’s long trip from Maryland to Oregon. In our Club and Aircraft Spotlights, you will learn about Eximious Flying Club and their unique Commander 114. Finally, check out our Safety Section to get more information on Personal Minimums and Weather cameras.

Did you fly an awesome cross country in your flying club aircraft this summer? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

Fall-ing Forward             

The Flying Club Initiative’s fall calendar is filling up quickly! Drew has a number of events starting in late September and will be busy through November. Steve on the west coast is also hard at work stacking up his calendar. You can find him at the Midwest Light Sport Aircraft Expo in early September and then at the Clear Lake Splash-In later on in the month. Be sure to check back next month for a more complete schedule as we finalize everything.

A New Club in The Mount Rushmore State!

We are happy to announce another new club! Please welcome the Pactola Flying Club to the “wonderful world of flying clubs”! PFC is the first club we have helped form in the great state of South Dakota and marks our 230th club for the Flying Clubs Initiative. If you are considering forming your club, please contact us to help you get started.

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