News from HQ: A New Season with New Opportunities

Inspiring the Next Generation with Flying Clubs

Welcome to the May edition of Club Connector! This month we discuss how flying clubs can contribute to the next generation of pilots and aviation enthusiasts by using programs like the EAA Young Eagles. We would like to thank Young Eagles Program Manager David Leiting for contributing to this edition’s Event Spotlight. Be sure to check it out if you would like to get your club involved in this amazing program!

Something you will often hear us say in the Flying Clubs Team is that flying clubs are not flight schools. It doesn’t matter if student pilots old or young are learning to fly, a club must be very careful to distinguish themselves from a flight training operation at their airport. Give this month’s Question of the Month a read to learn how you can help young people achieve the dream of flight while still supporting your airport’s business ecosystem.

Flying Clubs in the Last Frontier

Flying Clubs Initiative Director Steve Bateman is in Alaska at the time of this publication! Last weekend, Steve hosted a Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost presentation, and also gave a talk on Why Good Pilots Make Bad Decisions at the Great Alaska Aviation Gathering. This weekend, Steve will be at the Valdez STOL Competition. If you plan to be at this event, be sure to say hello!

2022 Flight Training Scholarships Awarded Next Month

If you applied for one of our Flight Training Scholarships this year, your wait will soon be over! Expect a decision to be emailed to you by the end of this month. Good luck! To learn more about our scholarship program, click here.

If you are lucky enough to win a scholarship, please join us for our You Have the Money – Now What” presentation on June 8th at 7:00pm EDT. Details will be forwarded once you have been notified of the scholarship results.

A Challenge and an Opportunity

Have you been hearing the buzz about electrically powered aircraft lately? With all this talk about getting the lead out of Avgas, not needing fuel for your airplane at all is sounding pretty attractive right about now… If you have interest in starting a flying club with an electrically propelled aircraft, we would like to speak with you. Flying Clubs Initiative Director Steve Bateman holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is very passionate about the use of this technology in general aviation. Please email Steve if you would like to explore the possibility of electrifying your flying club!

See You at Airventure!

We are happy to announce a Flying Clubs Social Event at Airventure this year! This event is exclusively for flying club members and is a great chance to meet us and other people passionate about sharing aviation with flying clubs. Stay tuned for more information about this event soon. Hope to see you in Wisconsin!

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