News from HQ: Proficient Pilots, Safer Clubs

Flying Clubs Radio Hits the Big Time

Did you know Steve and Drew have their own radio show? They do, it’s been going for two years now! Flying Clubs Radio covers all things flying clubs and just hit its 30th episode last week. These exciting episodes can always be found on the Flying Clubs Website, but now they are also listed in AOPA’s Podcast section as well. Be sure to check out Episode 30 where Drew details how his club went about adding a second airplane to their fleet.

Spring/Summer Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost Presentations Underway

Be sure to check your email this summer as we are kicking off our Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost presentation blitz very soon! If you are interested in forming or joining a flying club around your local airport, then this presentation is for you. We go over what a flying club is and talk about the process of starting your own club if you can’t find one that fits your needs. We are focusing our efforts on the southern US this year, but if you would like us to do a remote presentation for your area, please email us.

2022 Workshop Series Coming Soon

With the spring and summer flying season just around the corner, Steve and Drew are planning out this year’s Flying Clubs Workshop Series. We don’t have the dates finalized yet, but once we do they will be posted on the AOPA Events Page.

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