News from HQ: Get Excited for Airventure!

Welcome to the July edition of your favorite Flying Clubs Newsletter—the award-winning Club Connector!

Can We Make Your Day?

Is your airport hosting an aviation day or Rusty Pilot this summer? Steve and Drew would be happy to come along and do a flying clubs presentation! We are also FAASTeam Representatives and can give an exciting safety seminar at your event as well. Let us know when you are planning your event and we will do our best to attend!

We will be at The Winchester Regional Airport (OKV) on August 13th to support their airport day with a Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost presentation. If you are in the area, please stop in!


Hope to see you in Wisconsin! Steve and Drew will be attending AirVenture this month!  Here is our schedule so far (subject to change):

Wednesday 27th July at 2:45pm, in the NAFI center.  Steve will present “Beyond the ACS – Providing a Value-For-Money Flight Review”.  In this presentation, we’ll keep half-an-eye on the ACS as we widen our view to consider what we can do to provide meaningful flight reviews, beyond “one hour of ground and one hour of flight.

Friday 29th July at 6:00pm, in the AOPA Pavilion, Flying Clubs Social Event.  We are truly pleased to see the return of this very popular event after a hiatus of a few years.  As before, we will have good food and cold drinks, a few special presentations and announcements, and lots of socializing!

Due to its popularity, this will be a ticket only event, with tickets being available from Steve and Drew at the AOPA tent from Tuesday 26th July through Friday afternoon.   If you have club members planning to attend AirVenture, please let them know about the social event and how to get tickets.  We have limited capacity so tickets will be at a premium!

Saturday 30th July at 4:00pm, in the AOPA Pavilion.  Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost:  The Wonderful World of Flying Clubs.  Steve and Drew will walk through the many benefits and advantages of flying clubs and will talk about how to start a club using our world-class resources and expertise.  This seminar is also useful for existing clubs to understand some new expectations from the FAA, as well as best practices for successful operations.


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