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Welcome to the Safety Section of Club Connector! Each month we provide resources for flying club safety officers so that they can keep their clubs informed and safe. We also include links to the FAASTeam Topic of the Month PowerPoint slides to provide talking points for your next safety brief. Along with the slides, we also provide links to relevant articles, videos, and other media that you may also find helpful. To learn more about this section, be sure to check out Episode 15 and 15b of Flying Clubs Radio!

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Owner/Mechanic Relations

Link to May Topic of the Month Slides

Mechanics and maintainers are a vital part of the aviation ecosystem. After all, they are the ones who fix all of the stuff us pilots keep breaking! This month’s discussion is about what to look for when searching for a good mechanic, the responsibilities of owners, operators, and mechanics, as well as details about logbook entries and what they should contain.


Useful Links:

Advisory Circular 43.13-1B- Warning: large file. This is the go-to reference for methods, techniques, and practices for mechanics. It is a must-read for anyone curious about maintenance practices and makes a great coffee table book.

Aviation Maintenance Technician Handbook-Airframe, Volume 1-The first in a series of three handbooks designed to help mechanics in training become certified. Each volume is a deep dive into the construction and repair of aircraft and engines.

Savvy Aviation- Mike Busch is an authority on all things related to keeping GA airplanes flying. If you are new to aircraft ownership or are interested in becoming more involved in your club’s maintenance activities, Mike’s series of books are a must read.

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