Safety: Pilot Proficiency and the Active Flight Review

March FAASTeam Topic of the Month:

Pilot Proficiency and the Wings Program

Being a proficient pilot means you’re a safer pilot. A great way to maintain your proficiency is with frequent flight reviews and recurrent training. This month’s presentation compares the flight review requirements between GA and the airlines and shows why we may have some room to improve. We look at the details of the FAASTeam Wings Program and how to use it to your benefit.

Click Here to learn more about the Wings Program.

For more information, check out the Advisory Circular (AC) on the program.

Getting More from Your Next Flight Review

If you’re drawing blanks on what to go over with your instructor on your next flight review, be sure to check out AOPA’s Focused Flight Review program. Using this tool will help you identify weak spots in your flying and provide you with detailed syllabi to go through with your favorite CFI. Check out this short video to learn more.

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