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High School Initiative Earns Important Accreditation     

The You Can Fly High School Initiative has earned an important accreditation from a prestigious independent education research organization The curriculum developed by this program is used in more than 200 schools across 38 states and counting. Click Here to read more about this amazing accomplishment. 

Flying Club Activity is Heating Up this Summer!

The Flying Club Initiative has had a busy year so far! So far, we have helped form 20 new flying clubs and have delivered more than 30 remote and in person presentations. To date, the initiative has helped form 186 new clubs. Want to get your own club started? Shoot us an email and we’ll help you get where you need to go!

AOPA Takes Issue With FAA’s new Stance on Training

The FAA issued a new directive effective July 12 that “provides notification on flight training for compensation in certain aircraft,” specifying it applies to receiving and providing instruction in limited, primary, and experimental category aircraft. Meanwhile, in court proceedings, the FAA is prosecuting flight instructors who volunteered their time instructing in limited category aircraft and didn’t receive a penny for doing so, arguing the volunteers had received compensation. Click Here to read the full article.

Mid Year Survey on the Way

Be on the lookout for a new survey from the flying clubs team. We’re looking to get a better understanding of the makeup of our flying clubs as well as the current insurance market clubs are facing this year. Look for a link to the survey on various websites and on Facebook. Of course, there will be a chance to win a cool prize for everyone who participates in the survey. Stay tuned!

AOPA Club Connector Staff
AOPA Club Connector Staff writers and editors are active flying club members, pilots, flight instructors and aircraft owners who have a passion for bringing you the latest news and topical articles from the world of flying clubs. Club Connector is the official newsletter of the AOPA Flying Clubs Initiative.

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