Safety: November 2020

Welcome to the new safety section of the Club Connector Newsletter! This new format is aimed at helping club safety officers provide relevant safety content and discussion topics for their next club meetings. Of course, anyone is welcome to use this information to improve the safety of their organization. As we work on this new format, please feel free to provide us with your feedback here.

This month, we covered the flywyld flying club in Manassas Virginia. They are a very unique club in a lot of ways, but especially in the types of aircraft they operate. Club members at flywyld have the option of flying a Piper Cherokee, a Piper Lance, or a Stinson 108. Each aircraft has its own quirks and safety items that must be addressed, and a pilot who frequently transitions between each aircraft must be especially careful. This month’s resources will focus on transitioning between different aircraft, and the demands of flying high performance, complex, or tailwheel aircraft.

FAA Safety Briefing Magazine

Systems Safety

  • Airplane Flying Handbook chapter 11 and chapter 13 cover the transition to complex and tailwheel aircraft.
  • Visit this Air Safety Institute learning activity that covers Fuel Management
  • The FAA Weight and Balance Handbook details the importance and science behind understanding how weight and balance affects different aircraft types

Transitioning Between Different Aircraft

Safety in General Aviation- Joseph T. Nall Report

The release of the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s 29th and 30th Joseph T. Nall Reports offers several enhancements and brings data into the 21st century, presenting users with near real-time analysis of general aviation accidents updated on a rolling 30-day cycle and access to analysis going back as far as 2008, including data trends well into 2020.

Keep tabs on these reports and use them to keep your club up to date on the latest accident statistics.

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