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More Editions of Flying Clubs Radio

Drew and Steve have been putting in some studio time to bring you more exciting episodes of Flying Clubs Radio. This week we go over the resources available to you on the Flying Clubs Website and more. Be sure to check back frequently, as we are always putting out new content. Click here to see the Flying Clubs Radio page.

Here is a list of episodes posted so far: 

Edition 1 10 Things a Club Could Think About During the Pandemic

Edition 2 Flying Clubs Website Dos and Donts

Edition 3 Insurance Woes

Edition 4 Tips for Storing Your Aircraft Outside

Edition 5 Aviation Financing for Flying Clubs

Edition 6 Online Resources for Flying Clubs

Remote Webinars Coming Soon

The Flying Clubs Team hosted their first remote Workshop Webinar last Saturday. Given the success of this event and the response from our attendees, we have decided to make this event a nationwide series of webinars. We will have three separate webinars covering a broad range of topics related to flying clubs and operations. Each session is two hours long and audience members will be able to ask questions live during the event. If you can’t make it to one webinar session, don’t worry! We will host each session twice giving everyone ample opportunities to tune in. Each event will be hosted on a Saturday with the first one being May 30th. To sign up for events, check the AOPA events page or look for announcements on the Flying Clubs Facebook page.

Sign up for the first webinar here!

Don’t Get Rusty, Pilot, with the You Can Fly Team

The YCF team has been producing an exciting webinar series aimed at helping pilots who are looking to stay proficient during what might be a dry spell of flying. Each series is very conversational and is hosted by a group of pilots and flight instructors of varying experience levels. Each event is archived so you can always catch up on anything you may have missed. Click here to see a current list of webinars available. Future events will also be posted on the AOPA events page.

AOPA Club Connector Staff
AOPA Club Connector Staff writers and editors are active flying club members, pilots, flight instructors and aircraft owners who have a passion for bringing you the latest news and topical articles from the world of flying clubs. Club Connector is the official newsletter of the AOPA Flying Clubs Initiative.

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