Question of the Month: How do I get information about cool places to fly to?

AOPA offers a wealth of resources to help you—from finding awesome destinations to planning your flights and arranging your stay once you are there.

AOPA editors and travel writers scour the country—and the world—for the best places to visit, not only for the flying but also for activities at the destination. Check out our Destinations Portal for stories ranging from top-rated airport restaurants to exotic getaways. You’ll find inspiration for vacations, romantic escapes, day trips, and $100 hamburger runs. A special feature this month includes the destinations issue of AOPA Pilot magazine, which features flying in Hawaii; Costa Rica; Catalina Island, California; the New York Finger Lakes; and Italy. To receive ideas on places to fly, sign up for our free biweekly AOPA Travel Pilot email newsletter. It’s full of interesting places to fly and includes a calendar of aviation events in your region of the country.

Once you get the inspiration, use our suite of travel tools and products to plan your trip. Our Airport Directory contains all the pertinent information you need like runway lengths, pattern altitudes, sectional and satellite views, and FBO contacts, as well as user-generated comments. If you are planning an epic journey to Alaska, Mexico, the Bahamas or Caribbean, Bermuda, Central America, or Canada, our online resources will help you plan the flight step by step and get the required paperwork in order. AOPA also offers Pilot Guides to the Bahamas and Caribbean.

If you plan to stay at your destination and explore, rent your car and book your hotel  through AOPA for special discounts.

While you are on your journey, share the fun with other pilots by checking in at airports and sharing photos through the AOPA app’s Pilot Passport feature.

Stephen Bateman
Contributor, You Can Fly Program
Steve retired from AOPA in April 2024, but continues to contribute to You Can Fly programs. Contact Steve at [email protected]

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