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Don’t Forget the Tax Man

Remember tax returns and business reports are due on April 15th in most states. You may file for an extension, but do so before the deadline! Refer to IRS website for more information on federal filings and your local tax agency for state filings. Consult Chapter 6 in our Guide to Starting a Flying Club for more information on your club’s obligations. Make sure you know who in your club is handling this process. If you have had recent turnover of your treasurer, make sure they are on top of this. For your first year filing these returns, we recommend you consult a tax professional to get the procedure down for subsequent years. 

WINGS for Clubs

If you've attended one of the Flying Club Workshops lately you'll know that we are actively pushing the ideas of safety programs and the concept of a safety culture for flying clubs.   We're getting close to rolling out the details of our WINGS for Clubs program, that uses the FAASTeam WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program at its core.  We know that some clubs include currency requirements in their operating rules, but we all know that currency doesn't equal proficiency, whereas staying proficient usually means flying enough to stay inside the currency regulations.  We'll be rolling this out at our 2020 series of Workshops, which we plan on holding at each of the AOPA fly-ins, as well as 3 other locations nationwide. 

Find your Club

If your club has a profile on our Flying Club Finder, please take a moment to review your information and make sure it is still accurate. Your club profile may have an administrator who is a member of that club. If you don’t know who is the administrator for your club, please contact the Flying Clubs team and we can get you set up. We will also be working on better qualifying the clubs in our finder, so you may be hearing from us in the coming months as we make sure every page is accurate and represents an active club.


Yep - we hear you.  We are working with leading aviation insurance companies, both brokers and underwriters, to better understand the situation of increasing premiums and unfair treatment of non-equity clubs.  


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