Safety: Wherever, Whenever

Even if you’re not able to get out to an airplane and fly, there are still ways you can keep your knowledge sharp. Learn about the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s free online resources that can help you and your club stay safe.


Even though in-person seminars are on hold, you can still learn from ASI’s monthly webinars.

You can watch previously recorded webinars like this one:

How to NOT Scare Your DPE, Pass Your Checkride and Be a Safe Pilot

ASI Chief Flight Instructor John Collins moderates a panel of four FAA Designated Pilot Examiners from around the country to discuss what they’re seeing during checkrides across various certificates and ratings focusing on aeronautical decision making and risk management skills.

And sign up for upcoming webinars:

Forced Landings: A Plan to Survive

Engine failures may be uncommon, but they present a threat to the safe operation of your aircraft.  If you want to make the best decisions during this time-critical event, you'll need to know beforehand the factors that are pertinent to your specific situation.  Knowledge is the antidote to fear; incorporating these concepts into a training plan will help you cope with the unexpected and give you the best chances for a safe landing.

August 27, 2020, 7:00 – 8:00 pm EDT.

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ASI’s YouTube

ASI’s YouTube is home to ASI’s most popular safety education products. Check out the page for Accident Case Studies, Real Pilot Stories, Safety Tips, and the newest series, Beyond Proficient.

Podcast: “There I was”

This podcast invites you into the cockpit with pilots across the aviation community. We fly with them as they encounter unpredictable scenarios and we learn from the knowledge and skills they utilize to fly safely out of them. “There I was...” honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience.

Listen to the most recent episode:

There I was: Robert Clark

VFR into IMC continues to be a leading cause of fatal accidents in general aviation. In this episode, we talk to a pilot who was fortunate enough to escape from this highly dangerous scenario. Robert Clark recounts the story of flying his Dyke Delta aircraft through unexpected instrument conditions - at night, during an electrical failure.

Keep an eye on the AOPA and ASI homepages for updates as well, and sign up for the weekly ePilot newsletters if you want to be informed of new releases immediately. Stay safe!

AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

AOPA Air Safety Institute Staff members share a deep passion for aviation safety. As compassionate pilots, we bring together safety research, analysis, and knowledge in creative ways to share aviation safety education with you—with the ultimate goal of one day having zero fatal accidents in GA.

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