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Lighten Up! Let’s Talk Ultralights

The mission of the Flying Clubs Initiative gets straight to the point—“More People Flying More.”  To do this, we help clubs get started and we help existing clubs remain operational. 

From our surveys (more later) we know that the typical flying club has around 15 members and 1 or 2 aircraft.  We also know that typical clubs operate single engine land airplanes, with the Cessna 172 and the Piper PA28 series being the general favorites.  Of course, we love all of our flying clubs equally!

In this edition of Club Connector, we’ll look at Ultralight Vehicles (they are not strictly called aircraft) and show that such craft are excellent candidates to get more people flying more in a low-cost, purely for-fun environment.

Thank you to The Capital Area Light Flyers and their President Michael Bishton for hosting the Flying Clubs Team on a recent meeting visit. 

Flying Clubs Survey

It’s that time of year again! If you are the administrator for your Network Flying Club, you should have already received an invitation to take our annual survey. Please take the 5 minutes needed to complete this survey, as the data gleaned from it really helps us better understand the needs of clubs like yours all over the country. If you aren’t sure who in your club received the survey, please reach out to us and we’ll let you know.

Opted out?

Are you a Flying Clubs Network club but are not getting our emails or surveys? Make sure the club contacts haven’t “opted out” from AOPA emails. We work hard to make sure every email is relevant to your club’s interests, but if you’ve opted-out, you won’t be getting them.

Flying Club Workshops

One of our final workshops of the year will be hosted by Pat Brown and Steve Bateman in Dallas Texas on December 7. These workshops are a great way to connect with other clubs to learn about a broad range of operational topics. We will discuss topics like managing and growing your club, strategic planning, best practices, budgeting, and much more. Interested? Send us an email and we can give you the details and reserve your spot. These events are invitation only and size limited, so please contact us soon!

G.A.C.E. Flying Club Turns 50

Congratulations to G.A.C.E. flying club on turning 50! The Grumman Aerospace Corporation Employees Flying Club is based in Long Island New York at Islip MacArthur Airport. Learn more about them in the February 2018 Club Connector.

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