News from HQ: Sun ‘n Fun Provides Events and Opportunities For Flying Clubs

The excitement and spectacle of Sun ‘n Fun historically heralds the opening of the year’s airshow season. After months of being huddled in the house awaiting more hospitable weather, April gives us hope that Spring is indeed just around the corner and flying will once again become a part of our lives.

For those with a flying club connection, Sun ‘n Fun offers an additional benefit. This is the first time many club members, or prospective club creators get to meet and speak with the AOPA team in person. This year is no exception, with AOPA confirming the attendance of You Can Fly crew members who will be on site in Lakeland, Florida.

While the AOPA campus will be staffed and ready to receive you every day throughout the full event, Friday, April 7 is our opportunity to focus on flying clubs throughout the day and into the evening.

From 1:00pm – 2:00pm, AOPA’s You Can Fly Ambassador in Florida, Jamie Beckett, will preside over the popular and informative, Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost – Starting and Building a Flying Club seminar. This is the perfect environment to gather worthwhile information on how to go about forming a flying club from the ground up, with confidence.

The seminar is also a great opportunity to meet and rub elbows with members and leadership from flying clubs across the country. In past years, many a flying club member has found a beneficial contact by attending this get-together. The AOPA You Can Fly crew will be in attendance to answer questions and share information as well.

At 5:30pm we’ll loosen up and have some fun with AOPA’s Flying Club Network Social. Not only will we have a welcome supply of shade, plenty of seating, and refreshing food and drink options for those who visit, but AOPA president Mark Baker will take the stage to share his unique perspective on the flying club initiative and how AOPA is poised to help you get flying and stay airborne over the long haul.

You can pre-register for AOPA’s Flying Club Network Social here.

As exciting as all this is, don’t think for a minute that we’re going to leave out those who can’t make it to Sun ‘n Fun this year. AOPA’s You Can Fly crew will be available to answer questions, share resources, and generally provide the help you need at AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (July 24 - 30), as well as at the four scheduled AOPA Regional Fly-Ins scheduled to be held in Camarillo, California (April 28 – 29), Norman, Oklahoma (September 8 – 9), Groton, Connecticut (October 6 – 7), and Tampa, Florida (October 27 – 28).

If none of those dates or locations work for you, the You Can Fly crew is still available to you at: as well as by e-mail and phone.

Let’s make this your year. The year your flying club dreams take flight. We’re ready to get started whenever you are, in person, online, or by phone. Let’s make it happen – together.

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