Safety: One-stop shopping for safety content

For more than 60 years the AOPA Air Safety Institute (ASI) has been providing high-quality safety education programs to the general aviation community.  And while your flying club members may be familiar with ASI’s website and its offerings of hundreds of free resources, many other organizations also provide educational safety content for pilots. Now, ASI has made it easier than ever for pilots to find the content they need to become safer and better informed.

ASI recently launched a new industry-wide initiative, the Safety Alliance, which brings general aviation safety education resources together in one location online and makes it easier for pilots to find a variety of content all in one place.  Organized by topic on ASI’s Safety Spotlight web pages, and also on the Safety Alliance web page, the content is free and allows pilots to find the information they want, without having to search multiple websites. 

Covering the spectrum of safety-related topics, the Safety Alliance includes programs on topics such as avionics, emergency procedures, fuel management, takeoffs and landings, and weather. While most of the content is in video format, there are downloadable publications and presentations as well. Plus, once users click a link on the Safety Alliance web page, they will view the content on each provider’s website. From there, they can explore additional content offered by each provider.

The Safety Alliance is intended to make high-quality safety education more accessible for everyone in the general aviation community. The launch of the Safety Alliance is the result of a collaboration between ASI and several general aviation companies and organizations.  ASI thanks the following for being part of the initial Safety Alliance launch: ASA, Jason Blair, Flight Chops, Garmin, Hartzell Propeller, Leidos, Rod Machado, MzeroA,, Sportys, TBM, and The Finer Points. 

New programs will be added regularly, so please help spread the word and encourage your flying club members to visit often for the latest in general aviation safety education.

Safe pilots are always learning, and the Air Safety Institute’s goal is to ensure pilots have a wealth of information to keep flying safely. Our educational programs are funded through donations from pilots dedicated to forwarding that mission. Show your support by donating to the AOPA Foundation today (

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