Airspace “On the Go” with Digital Flash Cards

Whether refreshing knowledge for a flight review or in preparation for a cross-country flight, it’s every pilot’s responsibility to fly safely and to know their airspace in depth. Learning the rules that govern our skies can be a tedious task and anyone facing the challenge of describing the nuances of complex airspace may find it a daunting experience - unless they are prepared.

Airspace is a great safety seminar topic for your club and the AOPA Air Safety Institute (ASI) has created digital airspace flash cards that can help. They’re optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to study the various airspace dimensions and regulations, anywhere and anytime.

From basic chart interpretation to understanding temporary flight restrictions, your club members will come away with important navigation facts before takeoff. The flash cards make it practical, easy, and even enjoyable for pilots at any certificate level to absorb critical knowledge and to keep the different airspace categories straight. Each card includes a color depiction of the airspace, a description of its characteristics, and a discussion question.


Your club members can download the cards to their mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, and there’s also a link to a printable PDF. Make sure to share the link with your club members ( They will be well prepared to answer questions such as, “Are you allowed to fly in a Controlled Firing Area or a Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA)?”

Visit the website for updates as airspace changes can occur from time to time.

AOPA Air Safety Institute staff

AOPA Air Safety Institute Staff members share a deep passion for aviation safety. As compassionate pilots, we bring together safety research, analysis, and knowledge in creative ways to share aviation safety education with you—with the ultimate goal of one day having zero fatal accidents in GA.

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