Safety: Flying Club Night Out

A night out with friends is a great way to relax, recharge, and get to know each other better. With that in mind, why not have a flying club night out and change the venue of your flying club’s safety meeting? The Air Safety Institute will even provide the location – the site of your local ASI safety seminar. It’s fun, educational…and free!

If you’ve attended an ASI safety seminar recently, don’t worry about the content being a repeat. The topics change every time we visit a location. The new seminar series, Trivia Night!, just began in September and as with any Trivia Night event, audience participation is encouraged. The interactive nature of the seminar allows attendees to have fun while learning from each other. And it may bring out your competitive nature!

To some, trivia may seem…well, trivial.  But this seminar proves that behind every piece of trivia is useful safety information. For example, do you know:

  • How long Lindbergh went without sleep during his transatlantic flight?
  • How many drinks it takes to degrade performance as much as a poor night’s sleep?
  • What piece of equipment “caused” Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 to crash?

From vintage navaids to aerodynamics and little-known aircraft, we’ve put together a collection of questions sure to put your knowledge to the test – and make you a safer pilot.

Attendance at Trivia Night! qualifies for the safety seminar portion of the FAA Wings program.

For more information, to find a seminar location near you, and learn how attendance may qualify you for AOPA Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Enhancement, visit

So round up your flying club members and head on over to your local ASI seminar…we hope to see you there!

Safe pilots are always learning, and the Air Safety Institute’s goal is to ensure pilots have a wealth of information to keep flying safely. Our educational programs are funded through donations from pilots dedicated to forwarding that mission. Show your support by donating to the AOPA Foundation today (

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