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Getting Seriously Social About Flying Clubs

With the air show season launching in a matter of days, this is the time of year when aviators crawl out of their warm, winter cocoons and begin to stretch their wings again. It’s also a great opportunity to rub elbows with other aviation enthusiasts and gather information that may be helpful throughout the year.

Sun ‘n Fun’s International Fly-In and Expo launches from the runways and ramps at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in central Florida on Tuesday, April 5. This amazing annual event runs through Sunday, April 10, packed with more activity and opportunity than most of us can even imagine.

From start to finish AOPA will have a powerful presence on site, based from the AOPA campus located immediately next to the FAA Safety Building near show center. That’s especially good news for anyone who belongs to, wants to join, or hopes to start a flying club.

On Wednesday, April 6, AOPA will be presenting a seminar titled, Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost, How to Form and Operate a Successful Flying Club. The seminar runs from 12 Noon through 12:45 p.m., with plenty of opportunity for questions and answers, even after the seminar. The presentation will cover all the basics, from the various options for club formation, the difference between equity and non-equity clubs, details about tax-exempt status, and even how to set rates and build membership. This seminar is a must-attend event for anyone involved in a flying club in any way.

In addition, with representatives from insurance, finance, flight training, and legal service providers at the AOPA campus, the AOPA campus at Sun ‘n Fun becomes a one-stop shopping experience where you can get answers to all your questions from experienced pros who are familiar with the exact situation you’re working with.

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so we’ve made time for a Flying Club Social on Friday evening, April 8, in the main AOPA Activity Tent, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. This is the perfect time to have a cold beverage, grab a snack, and chat with members of other clubs about how they handle the same issues you face. It’s also a unique opportunity to meet potential club members from your local area, while away on a decidedly aviation-friendly vacation.

Whatever your level of interest, and regardless of whether you’ve been a dedicated flying club member for decades, or if you’ve just begun to dip a toe in the big pool of flying club possibilities, our team is ready and willing to help you find the exact information and resources you need in order to make your flying club experience the best it can be.

Come see us at Sun ‘n Fun’s International Fly-In and Expo. The You Can Fly team will be located right beside the yellow and black Reimagined C-152, basking in the Florida sun, enjoying the sights and sounds of general aviation right there with you.

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