Be a ‘Weather Wise’ Pilot

Grounded by weather this winter?  Use the opportunity to learn more about the weather with your flying club members. To enhance the discussion, visit the Air Safety Institute’s website to view ASI’s new “Weather Wise” video, Mistakes We Make.

The video is part of a series of practical weather flying safety videos – thanks to generous funding from NOAA’s National Weather Service.

Weather Wise: Mistakes We Make is the fifth of this 8-part video series. In it, ASI statistician David Kenny talks about what types of weather are most dangerous for pilots and if the Internet, better forecasting, and cockpit weather have lowered the accident rate. From VFR into IMC to IFR into IMC to statistical trends in weather flying, view this brief 5-minute video with your flying club to find out how you can be safer, more “weather wise” pilots.

Future video topics in this series include Beyond Go/No-Go, Awareness Aloft, and The Future of Weather.

To find out more about weather flying, visit the ASI Safety Spotlight webpage where ASI’s programs are organized by topic to make them easy to find.


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