Safety: CFI to CFI e-newsletter... not just for flight instructors

For more than 40 years, the AOPA Air Safety Institute (ASI) has produced a publication containing articles that are written by flight instructors, specifically for flight instructors.  But the distribution is even wider than that, as the newsletter is available to anyone regardless of their certificates and ratings.  You don’t even have to be an AOPA member to be eligible.  Titled CFI to CFI, the free quarterly newsletter is sent electronically to every CFI in the country and to anyone else who signs up to receive it. 

Why would members of your flying club be interested in this newsletter, even if they’re not instructors? Because there is great content that helps all pilots become safer.

The most recent issue includes an article from ASI’s Chief Flight Instructor about how innovative and effective teaching methods cross over from Flight Instruction to Scout Instruction, an accident analysis of an instrument competency check gone wrong, and an article about the challenges and opportunities for new CFIs.

CFI to CFI archives are also available online and contain information about making the flight review more productive, “tricks of the trade” submitted by CFIs, aviation training industry news, advice from Rod Machado, links to ASI safety videos, information about the new student pilot certification process, and much more!  Plus, since it’s a digital publication, you can leave comments on any one of the pages and interact with other CFIs.  It’s a digital CFI community that anyone is welcome to join.

We sometimes hear from CFIs who should be getting the newsletter but aren’t.  If you fall into that category, there’s good news – the resolution is simple.  The most likely cause is that you have “opted out” of receiving emails from AOPA, which includes emails from the Air Safety Institute.  AOPA has a new system that allows you to tailor your account so you receive only the emails and e-newsletters that you specifically select.  It’s no longer an ‘all or nothing’ arrangement.  To opt-in to receive the CFI to CFI newsletter, log in to your account and set up your preferences or call the Member Assistance Center at 800-USA-AOPA.

And what if you’re not a CFI but you want to receive the newsletter?  That’s easy…just go to the CFI to CFI web page and click on “Subscribe Now.”

Free content that’s this good shouldn’t be a secret, so please share this article with your entire flying club and encourage each member to subscribe to CFI to CFI.

Safe pilots are always learning, and the Air Safety Institute’s goal is to ensure pilots have a wealth of information to keep flying safely. Our educational programs are funded through donations from pilots dedicated to forwarding that mission. Show your support by donating to the AOPA Foundation today (

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