Question of the Month: What are pilots looking for in a flying club?

This month’s question takes us back to basics, but it is a fundamental question every club needs to ask its members. Asael Baez is doing some research and wanted to know what pilots are looking for in a flying club, so he posed the question on the AOPA Facebook Flying Club page. The answers included a variety of aircraft types, affordable rates, and heated hangars. Below are some of the responses:

Les Smith Asael, AOPA commissioned a research effort around flying clubs a few years back. We have a number of online resources for flying clubs here. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll find a link to the research results.

Krist Erickson Buy in Price, Monthly/Yearly Fees, Wet/Dry pricing, How Many Members, Type of/how many Aircraft, condition, and maintenance. Accessibility to booking the aircraft.

Jason Borchers Quality aircraft for reasonable rates.

Mike Abel Opportunity to trade flight instructing for aircraft rental. That's probably the ONLY thing that could get me in a club right now.

Philip Clark Access to well maintained aircraft!

Ethan Campbell heated hangar

Jason Borchers The 172 I rent is in a hangar with a call box. I can turn the heat on from home and it's nice and toasty by the time I get there for my preflight. Leave one of the doors open and the instruments and interior is warm. It's a genius set up.

Mark Howard This switch is CHEAP and works great.

Richard Mendler Affordable rates. My last flying club charged $200 per year and $80/hr wet for a 172M in nice condition. I have since left the club due to relocation but the club at my current airport charges $300/month and $130/hr for an ill maintained aircraft. Hence I am no longer a member in a flying club. The local flight school charges less per hour, has better insurance, and doesn't charge a club due with a better overnight and weekend policy. A unique aircraft would be nice too

Joe Demers A capable aircraft that cannot be rented-say a C210, that is well equipped, at a reasonable price.

Brad Koehn Well maintained aircraft and a well-running club. Generally that means an active membership.

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