New ASI video—Weather Wise: Gathering Information

Weather is one of the many aviation topics that could be discussed for hours. The next time you and your flying club members are hangar flying, consider learning from the weather-related experiences of each other. To help get the conversation started, the AOPA Air Safety Institute is producing a series of practical weather flying safety videos – thanks to generous funding from NOAA’s National Weather Service.

ASI’s newest video, Weather Wise: Gathering Information, is the first of this eight-part video series. We know that preflight weather planning is the foundation for some of our most critical decisions as pilots, but with the sheer amount of weather information available, how can we be sure we’re getting what we need?

In this installment, you’ll find important information on using the various aviation weather sources, such as Flight Service and CSC Duats, along with apps and websites that provide aviation specific weather at home and on the go. The Air Safety Institute also shares strategies to gather important weather information at the right time, using the system that fits your needs. Watch the video with your flying club before your next planned flight.

Future video topics include an online tour of the Aviation Weather Center’s website; major weather considerations for both VFR and IFR flights; using weather information to make a go/no-go decision; maintaining weather awareness while en route; and an overview of how technology may change how we approach weather flying in the future.

To find out more about weather flying, visit the ASI Safety Spotlight webpage where ASI’s programs are organized by topic to make them easy to find.

Safe pilots are always learning, and the Air Safety Institute’s goal is to ensure pilots have a wealth of information to keep flying safely. Our educational programs are funded through donations from pilots dedicated to forwarding that mission. Show your support by donating to the AOPA Foundation today.

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