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What Does Your Club Do When It’s Just Too Windy To Fly?

With spring around the corner, we know the winds will be gusting. Besides practicing your tie down knots, Flying Club Manager Kelby Ferwerda asked on the AOPA Facebook Flying Club Page how do you keep your members engaged when it’s just too windy to fly safely? Do you cancel your flights based on a wind forecast? Do you use a Sim?

Brittney Miculka‪ Our Women in Aviation Chapter likes to meet for breakfast and/or happy hour when we can't fly.

David Heon‪ We learn to fly in a lot of wind here in Oklahoma. When its too windy, I work hard so I can afford to fly later. LOL

Harvey Greenberg‪ Living in Finger Lakes Wine Country, let's just say that we have our diversions. Penn Yan Flying Club, Inc.

David St George‪ Wednesdays are pilot get together (helicopter pilot tomorrow) and occasionally craft night...IFR next Thursday (Killer Quiz Night)

Bob Buchner‪ Go sailing? A better question would be how windy/gusty does it have to be before you cancel flights due to safety concerns. I can say we don't get together to fly kites or launch some balloons or have a picnic.

Frank Beresnyak‪ Monthly meetings. Winter social party.

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