New Year, New Commitment to Safety

It’s so cliché to write an article in January about resolutions for the New Year. Bear with me, because I’m going to do it anyway.

Why not resolve to be more active in safety education—and encourage your fellow flying club members to do the same? 

The Air Safety Institute has enough safety education online to keep you busy throughout the year…and beyond! From quizzes to courses to webinars, there are offerings on any safety topic and some products don’t even require much investment of time (each quiz, for example, is 10 questions long and takes only about 15 minutes to complete).

Speaking of investment, I’ll take this opportunity to not-so-subtly remind you that ASI is a division of the non-profit AOPA Foundation and all the safety programs created by ASI are made possible by tax-deductible donations.  Whether you donate a small amount each time you participate in one of our programs, or you make a one-time donation, every bit helps. Thank you in advance for supporting ASI’s efforts.

So, back to your resolution to participate in more safety education…

In case you missed it on, here is a countdown of the top products from ASI in 2013…these are a good place to start, and stay tuned for even more new programs in 2014:

10. Digital airspace flash cards. Regardless of your certificate or experience level, use these flash cards to refresh your airspace knowledge from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. They are also a great tool for CFIs to recommend to their students.

9. Ice Week webinar. Don’t worry if you missed this webinar back in November—you can view the archived presentation to learn the hazards of in-flight icing and how to avoid ending up in a precarious situation.

8. IFR chart quizzes. This series of quizzes tests your knowledge of instrument procedures with questions about tricky approaches.

7. Accident Case Study: Delayed Reaction. Learn from the tragic Dec. 20, 2011, accident of a Socata TBM-700 that crashed near Morristown, N.J. The aircraft plunged nearly 18,000 feet in less than a minute.

6. Airframe icing safety video. Watch this video to learn how to avoid airframe icing, which is a serious concern to pilots in much of the United State this time of year.

5. Takeoffs and landings video series. Takeoffs and landings are two maneuvers pilots strive to perfect on every flight. Get tips to improve yours in this video series.

4. Downloadable safety products. Ideal for flying clubs, you can now download Real Pilot Stories, safety videos, Pilot Safety Announcements, Ask ATC videos, Accident Case Studies, and safety seminars to present at your next safety meeting.

3. Flight Risk Evaluator mobile app. Assess your risk before every flight with the Air Safety Institute’s first-ever mobile app, which is based on its online Flight Risk Evaluator.

2. Weather Wise: VFR into IMC online course. Continued VFR into IMC is one of the most deadly mistakes in aviation. Take this course to learn how to avoid it.

1. Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (eFIRC). This online certificate renewal course for CFIs can also be taken by prospective instructors. It includes videos and other interactive features to help you learn new teaching techniques and emphasize safety.

Best wishes for a safe and happy new year!

The Air Safety Institute is a division of the non-profit AOPA Foundation. Funding for ASI safety programs comes from the generosity of pilots like you.

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