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Where do you keep your keys?

If you don't have access to a clubhouse, FBO-rented space, empty hangar, etc., where do you keep the aircraft keys, logbook, other documents and important items for your club?

This question on AOPA’s Flying Club Facebook Group Page generated a few responses – everything from each member having a set of keys to keeping materials in a lockbox next to the aircraft. Here are some of the actual responses:

Robert Mahoney: We issue a set of keys to all members. (User) Logs are kept in the AC. Other items are kept in lock-boxes next to the tie-down for each AC.

Rich Wellner: Log books are kept offsite. Essential to flight items are in the lockbox beside the plane.

Michael Vanderweide: Each member has a key, flight log in plane, maintenance logs offsite, and extra oil/iPad/Stratus 2 in a combo locked file cabinet in the FBO hallway.

Kevin D Murphy: A key for each member. Logbooks, other paperwork kept by club maintenance officer.

Valetta Craycraft Mowry: Do aircraft owners make copies of their maintenance logs as a backup? Just in case of fire, flood, or someone who has a hissy-fit about something and decides to take the logs as punishment.

Bob Buchner: Members have keys, spares in steel lock-box, officers keep maintenance logs/docs, flight logs in plane. No paper copies although it is something we keep discussing would be good to do.

Colin Maitland: Similar theme, members have keys, logbooks are with maintenance officer, we also have 2 club lockers (locked) in common storage hangar, flights logged by on yellow card stock and electronic flight ticket via Google.

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