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What does your club do to keep members involved during the chilly months?

AOPA Flying Club Manager Kelby Ferwerda posted the following on the AOPA Flying Club Facebook Page: “Recently I’ve talked with quite a few Flying Clubs about maintaining social activity through the cold winter months. Some clubs host Holliday Parties, others have Potluck Movie Nights. What does your club do to keep members involved during the chilly months?”

Lee Burk‪ "We're putting a new interior in our 172 over the next little bit!!! Bought the interior components from Airtex and Our club is the Oklahoma Airmen Flying Club, in operation since 1953."‬‬‬‬


Patrick Garcia‪ "Guest speaker worked for us. We invited a local controller from the area who is a friend of a member. Best attendance all year.‬‬"

Jack DeBrunner‪ "We have monthly meetings that start with a grill out, or in really cold months we bring in pizza. We then have a safety or training video hosted by a flight instructor while they eat. This provides opportunities, where our pilots have an opportunity to share their experiences and interact with others. The food is the real draw, but the interaction is the real benefit. ‬‬‬‬‬

Besides the monthly meetings, in February we have a social dinner with an interesting speaker usually at a country club. In the past our presenters have been authors of aviation books, military pilots, etc. These are very well attended.‬‬‬

We open up our meetings to other pilots on the airport in order to meet others and share perspectives. We usually get about 20 to 30 participants a month.‬‬"

Dan Streufert‪ "We just fly more. We're in Phoenix."‬‬‬‬

David St George‪ "Gala this Saturday: FAA Wings, it is essential to keep the fun happening up in the North.


‪Marc Epner‪ "Monthly breakfast meetings, an awesome holiday party at a nice country club, and don't forget the impromptu Saturday Hangar Flying!!! Don't forget the flying!‬‬‬‬‬"



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