Safety in a Social Media World

Safety The way we reach pilots with safety education sure has changed since the AOPA Foundation was formed in 1950.  Actually, it’s changed tremendously even in the last decade. If you haven’t seen what we’re doing in the world of social media, keep reading!

The Air Safety Institute’s Facebook page is a community for sharing safety-related topics, promoting new ASI courses and products, and communicating with other passionate aviators and aviation enthusiasts (sounds a lot like a flying club, actually). With more than 9,500 “Likes,” and growing, if you’re not part of ASI’s Facebook community now is the time to join. Be among the first to hear about new products, and share your aviation safety ideas with others. We want to hear from you!

Another way to be a part of the aviation safety community is by reading Bruce Landsberg’s monthly blog, Leading Edge. Hear directly from the president of the AOPA Foundation as he writes about safety issues, current trends in aviation, and other thoughts and ideas about the industry. Blog readers are also encouraged to post comments and participate in the weekly survey.

To see ASI’s many safety videos you could visit or visit our YouTube channel, where you can browse through videos on topics including runway safety, icing, midair collision avoidance, and communicating with air traffic controllers. Check out the videos and share them with your flying club members during your next safety meeting.

In fact, you’ll see our newest safety video, V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, on all of these social media sites. This is a must-see for any pilot planning a getaway via general aviation. Easier vacation and holiday travel is one of the major benefits of general aviation. We get to do something we enjoy, accomplish a “mission,” and avoid that eight-hour drive to the beach or mountains. All too often, though, things go horribly wrong – as attested by the grim headlines that follow nearly every holiday weekend. Encourage your flying club members to watch ASI’s Pilot Safety Announcement, V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N, for some dark humor about pilots who made mistakes and to make sure their names are not on the next list.

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