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In most regions of the country, pilots are experiencing weather this time of year that is not conducive to flying. But there are plenty of ways to stay proficient in your aviation knowledge even on the ground.

The Air Safety Institute’s in-person safety seminars are one way to do so and it’s especially fun to attend with a group of other pilots. So why not arrange for your flying club to get together for a fun evening of comaraderie and education. And did I mention it’s free?

The current seminar topic is Chart Challenge: Live. What would we do without charts? They're one of the most fundamental parts of flying—but they can also be challenging to interpret, difficult to read, and sometimes head-scratchingly confusing. The Chart Challenge in-person seminars are meant to help you master them. This refresher covers everything from VFR sectionals to instrument approach plates, and digs into the practical issues that come with them.

The seminar covers challenging questions about specific VFR and IFR charts, real-world procedures and decision making, analysis of tragic accidents caused by chart misinterpretation, and important “gotchas” that all pilots should be aware of.

Led by a professional presenter, each seminar includes quizzes, interactivity, VFR and IFR scenarios, audience participation, and a chance to win door prizes. You’ll receive a print-out of the charts that will be discussed, with quiz questions, and it’s yours to keep after the seminar to use a refresher for yourself or other pilots and students at your flying club.

ASI seminar presenters are traveling to 100 cities to lead the discussion about Chart Challenge …they’re sure to be at a location near you. Visit for the full schedule.

In addition to this seminar series, ASI offers many other resources to help pilots fly safely. Online courses, safety videos, quizzes, and PDF downloads can be found at .

Attendance at ASI safety seminars qualifies for Wings credit and AOPA Accident Forgiveness.

The Air Safety Institute is a division of the non-profit AOPA Foundation. Funding for ASI safety education programs is made possible through the generosity of pilots like you.

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