Flying Club 150 Giveaway

Win an airplane and watch your new flying club take off!

Flying Clubs are one of the most fun and cost effective ways to stay in the left seat and AOPA is committed to helping more pilots experience the special benefits of flying club membership. That’s why we are giving away a completely remanufactured Cessna 150 to a startup flying club!

Thank you for your interest in our Flying Club 150 Giveaway!

The application period has closed. We are now qualifying and judging the contest submissions. Look for a winner to be announced on or about October 1, 2016.

You’re giving away an airplane? What’s the catch?

There is no catch, although there are a few eligibility requirements to ensure the winning club is in a position to fully benefit and is poised for a long life of fun, safe and affordable flying for its members. If you’re ready to start a club—and maybe win an airplane—we’ve got a set of free online resources to help you. With a checklist to get you started, reference materials for each step of the process, and help with financing and insurance, AOPA has the tools and expertise to help you get your club off the ground.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to win our Cessna 150 giveaway, your club must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of four club members
  • Have a named set of club officers including President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer, and Maintenance Officer
  • Possess a set of bylaws (drafts are acceptable)
  • Receive a quote from AOPA insurance. Get started here
  • Be listed as a “club in formation” on AOPA’s Flying Club Finder
    • A ‘club in formation’ is defined in the finder as a club that is currently organizing and recruiting founding members. Established clubs are clubs that are already operating aircraft and new members are not considered to be founding.
  • Complete an online application

How do I enter my club?

Simply fill out an online application. The application first asks you for some information about your “club in formation.” Be sure to use the same information on the online application as when you list your “club in formation” on the Flying Club Finder. In fact, the first page of the application asks the same questions as when you register on the Finder.

The application then asks fourteen questions. The questions are designed to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements and they will also help you think through the process of starting your club, along with giving consideration to aspects that have an impact on the success and longevity.

Application deadline is 11:59pm EDT September 1, 2016. Judging of entries will be done by no less than three subject matter experts (to be selected at AOPA’s discretion). In the case of a tie, the quality of the answer to question #9 (safety) will be used to determine the winner. Only one submission allowed per start-up club.

The winning club will be notified on or about October 1, 2016. Those who have not been selected will not be notified.


Why a Cessna 150?

We want flying to be fun, affordable, and accessible. And having the right airplane is a great place to start. That’s why AOPA developed “Reimagined Aircraft,” older airplanes that have been updated from tip to tail. When owned and operated in a community – like a flying club —Reimagined Aircraft have the potential to allow many more people to fly.

Learn more about Reimagined Cessna 150 and 152s.

About AOPA’s Flying Clubs Initiative

Whether you want to find out more about flying clubs in your area, join an existing club, or even start a brand new club, we’re here to help.

Starting a flying club requires some legwork, but you don’t have to go it alone. AOPA is here to support you every step of the way. Take a moment to check out our resources, ask us questions, and discover how you can make your aviation dreams come true.

Joining AOPA’s Flying Club Network is free and members get a range of special benefits:

  • Premium Listing in the AOPA Flying Club Finder
  • Access to Our Unique Resource Library
  • Invitations to Join AOPA at Special Events